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New cosplays list

Cosplays Sweet Pop and myself are working on!

Sweet Pop: Stocking, Female Ceil (not the dress, a Custom Lolita), Bon Bon.
Sweet Key: Yoko, Gumi - Happy Synthesizer, Gumi - Poker Face, Rin Kagamine.

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Holiday Matsuri Line up - Sweet Key

Check out me, Sweet Key, at Holiday Matsuri! Here is my cosplay list:

Friday: Sebastian with Santa hat and a Grell with Santa hat and pink bell collar.
For rave: raver Gumi with BIIIG tutu

Saturday: Shiny Galceon with Glaceon plush, Lyra Heartstrings
For the ball: Formal Panty from episode 12 with Sebastian
For rave: Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon-3

Sunday: Near in Santa hat
Yes, many cosplays. I enjoy showing off my work. ^_^;

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